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to HEINRICH HARBISCH Schiffswerft GmbH - Your point of service for repairs to river barges and coastal trading vessels.

Our Services

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HA-DU Stem docks   HA-DU Rudder system   HA-DU Docks
HA-DU Repair   Shaft system   HA-DU Fitters shop
HA-DU Propeller change   HA-DU Shaft sleeves   HA-DU Turning shop
    HA-DU Anchors   HA-DU Anchor production
    HA-DU Push knee rubbers   HA-DU Welding boat
    HA-DU Ship couplings     


We, HEINRICH HARBISCH Schiffswerft GmbH in Duisburg, or short: HA-DU, are the specialists for ship repairs of all kinds, new steering systems and shaftings (incl. our own shaft seals) and HA-DU anchors (HA-DU Spezial and PowerAnker), and our HA-DU ship clutches for the river and sea zones. In the course of our more than 100 years of experience, we have lived through all the ups and downs of river and canal shipping and are proud to still “swim at the top” - all that and already in 3rd and 4th generation! more